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NOTE: The uploaded file must have at least two columns (Depth, Signal). If the file contains three columns, it is automatically assumed that the third column is the error on the signal. The fourth column (Group) is only required for global fitting of multiple data sets.
NOTE: Weighting is not available for global fitting.

This will fit eq. 12 in Sohbati et al. (2012b) to the data. Note, however, that here the dose rate is assumed constant, i.e., it is independent of sample depth. $$L(x) = \frac{\overline{\sigma\varphi _0}e^{-\mu x}e^{-t[\overline{\sigma\varphi _0}e^{-\mu x} + \frac{\dot{D}}{D_0}]}+ \frac{\dot{D}}{D_0}} {\overline{\sigma\varphi _0}e^{-\mu x} + \frac{\dot{D}}{D_0}}$$

Reference: Sohbati, R., Jain, M., Murray, A.S., 2012b. Surface exposure dating of non-terrestial bodies using optically stimulated luminescence: A new method. Icarus 221, 160-166.
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Additionally, you can download a corresponding .R file that contains a fully functional script to reproduce the plot in your R environment! Download R script